As a company, STAGES is three things

A production house that offers full-service creative and production expertise
A talent management group with a small but impressive portfolio of artists
A one-stop entertainment company


  • Lists market leaders of various business sectors as clients
  • Sets industry trends
  • Rises to challenges that require an out-of-the-box mindset
  • Known for high-profile events
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  • Manages a select roster of artists
  • Books all artists for local and international engagements
  • Has its own publicity machinery
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  • CONTENT ONLINE. Featuring Stages artists and other personalities, in scenes, performances, talks – guerrilla or planned…real, authentic… the kind that can’t be drawn out by traditional media.
  • CAMPAIGNS ONLINE. Buzz worthy. To build, strengthen a brand, snag the attention of the target market among the gazillion netizens that trawl cyberspace.
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