Stages rounds off its production ecosystem with the creation of Stages Digital: its newest unit built to capitalize on the limitless and ever-changing possibilities of the online and digital world. Stages Digital, specializes in content strategy, conceptualization, and timely execution to ensure that the fullest potentials of their clients are realized.

Fueled by ideas, data, culture, and current events – Stages Digital aims to break the mold by defying convention and taking risks others won’t, to establish a new stage of creative evolution.

What We Do

Online Content

Featuring Stages artists and other personalities, in scenes, performances, talks –
guerrilla or planned..real, authentic. the kind that can’t be drawn out by traditional media.

Online Campaigns

Campaigns online. Buzz-worthy. To build, strengthen a brand, snag the attention of the target market among the gazillion netizens that trawl cyberspace.

Stages Sessions

Stages Sessions takes the gig formula (featured act + intimate venue), which is usually late at night and spins it off into a laid back Sunday afternoon show. Artists enjoy a complete creative freedom and sing songs they’ve always wanted to sing and show audiences an authentic side that they don’t normally get to see.


For  inquiries on Digital & Social Media Marketing Services, please email [email protected]